Mega Vida Church
Eduardo & Priscila Ribeiro, and daughter Joy, are Sr. Pastors of Mega Vida Church (Great Life in Portuguese) in Campinas - Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is a new church plant and the first to come under the covering of Legacy of Worship, Int'l. We have known Eduardo since 2002 when he was a student at Christ For The Nations in Dallas, TX. Eduardo and Priscila have a tremendous call and heart for the local church, the nation of Brazil and world missions.

Ceitci Demirkova
Originally from Bulgaria, Ceitci Demirkova is a dynamic young woman for God. She is a sign and a wonder, walking in great favor with man and with God! She resides in Seattle, WA.

Brian Ming
Brian Ming, former worship leader at Christ for the Nation, is currently the worship pastor at North Church in Dallas, TX. Brian remains on the cutting edge with his revelatory songwriting skills and prophetic worship leading.

Quist Designs
Josh Lindquist is one of the most passionate young men for God you’ll ever meet. As a website designer, he especially enjoys promoting like-hearted ministries. He is from Minnesota. Check out his website. Ask for a quote today!

Keith & Sanna Luker have a wild passion for Jesus. They’re soakers…big time! Catch many of the prophetic worship events happening around. They reside in Ft. Worth, TX.

Kent Henry
Kent is one of the pioneers of modern day, prophetic worship. He resides in St. Louis, MO.

Marc Cooper
Marc Cooper is an internationally known musician. God has allowed him to rub elbows with many non-Christian Rock and Blues musicians. He resides in Redding, CA. and attends Bethel Church, pastored by Bill Johnson.

Burn 24-7
Sean & Kate Feucht head up the ministry called “Burn24-7”, which follows the pattern of David’s Tabernacle and provides people with opportunity to worship, pray and prophetically declare what God is saying at monthly worship events. There are over fifty “Burns” around the USA and other nations.

Worship Leaders Network
Dean & Lisa Mitchum lead the Worship Leaders Network. Their ministry provides mentorship, impartation and a steady hand in the arena of worship today. Dean and Lisa’s influence spans the USA and several other countries, seeing their desire for an increase of the prophetic and apostolic ministries comes to pass. They reside in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Succat Hallel
Rick & Patti Riding head up Succat Hallel 24/7; worshiping and exalting Jesus in the Holy Land as they pray for Israel and the Middle East. They reside in Jerusalem.

Life Community Church
Mickey & Glenda Keith pastor Life Community Church. Mickey is the president of Independent Assemblies Fellowship and carries a stately anointing. They reside in Ada, OK.

Dr. Jack Myers
Dr. Jack Myers is an international evangelist, who has a fluid anointing for signs and wonders. His crusades in the Dominican Republic have passed 40,000 people with tremendous results. Jack and his wife, Marie, reside in Matteson, Illinois.

Kehrhahn Ministries
Georg Kehrhahn, a South African, has seen the need to be a voice to the poor and the marginalised. The ministry's motto is: Christ, the center of the world. His ministry's desire is to be an organization that inspires people, the way God’s Word has inspired us and he and others do this through posting devotions and articles on their website. Their objective in helping others is also in training young men and women to be servant leaders, as Christ has set the example in John 13: 1-17, where He washes His disciples feet.

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