To Testify Of God’s Ability To Deliver His People

To Testify Of God’s Ability To Deliver His People

Deliverance is most often a scary word. But even though there is the reality of demonic influence in the earth and occasional demonic possession that must be dealt with in the lives of people, deliverance doesn’t have to be feared and certainly must not be ignored.

However, in Daniel’s case, we see an excellent general definition for deliverance worth checking into. It is written, “He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions (Daniel 6:27 KJV). Here we find two words that sum up the work of deliverance, as it relates to being a sign and a wonder: rescue and work. Keep in mind: there is both a “deliverance from” and“deliverance into” that happens in the Kingdom of God.

The scriptures speak of the reality that we have been “delivered out of the kingdom of darkness, and translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son” (Colossians 1:13 KJV). This speaks of the work of God’s grace in our lives, as we are delivered out of Satan’s kingdom into the Kingdom of Christ.

This work of “grace deliverance” is experienced by every born again, child of God. This is the “deliverance into” we’re referring to, which is both relational and positional. This definition from the Greek language is: to draw to one’s self; and to rescue. So, even within the context of salvation, all of us are signs and wonders of the grace of God!

The “deliverance from” is more related to the demonic influence mentioned at the beginning. This can also be related to the character flaws present within every one of us: some need tweaking, others need crucifying.

Whichever case, every work of deliverance is a sign and a wonder in the believer’s life. What an awesome thought! I am a sign and a wonder, and so are you! We are testimonies of God’s grace in action and His ability to deliver His people.

I close with a song that the Lord gave me, when one of our daughters came back to Him:

I Am A Testimony
The path that I chose, has led me to this place
The only reason I’m alive is God’s amazing grace
No more looking left, and no more looking right
I’m looking straight ahead - I’ve got You in my sight
And everything’s gonna be alright

I am a testimony (x3)
Of the grace of God

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